Caldari Airlines

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Caldari Airlines
Established 1989
Headquartered Kimotoro Metropolis, Kimotoro Prefecture
Hub airports Xi'an International Airport
Serekan International Airport
Chiba International Airport
Focus airports Garamond International Airport
Patagon City International Airport
Brutus International Airport
Soccersia International Airport
Assets T1,890,675,443,000 (est. 05/2007)
Company value T9,928,524,141,600 (est. 05/2007)
Employees 1,048,961 (5/2007)
Fleet size 531
Destinations 268
Loyalty system Caldari Bonus
Alliance OneWorld
Flight code CA
CEO Ma Xulun
CFO Li Fenghua
Board Chairman Li Jiaxiang
Slogan "Its Time to Fly"
Quality of Service 5 Stars

Caldari Airlines is the national airline of the Caldari State. Previously during the Communist regime, the nation had well over 30 myriad airlines, most of which were on the brink of collapse and bankruptcy and thus the government ordered a massive merger of the airlines into one monopoly airline. While this action recieve much criticism, it was the only way to keep compeition for domestic routes from being overtaken by foreign airlines. The largest of the thirty merged airlines, Dragon Airlines won the logo branding vote and its officials became the new heads of the combined Caldari Airlines. 9QplFZ As I have expected, the writer blurted out..!


[edit] Destinations

  • Domestic: Toro, Kobe, Changsha, Jinan, Yantai, Weihan, Taishan, Hitachi, Zhoyang, Piyako, Onayta, Pyoko-kahn, Hanchuun, Changyong, Kimotoro, Seikan, Lanzhou, Dalian, Harbin, Changdu, Tangshan, Shangyang, Hong Xia, Yinchun, Baotou, Zhengzhou, Geiju, Haikou, Kumming, Wenzhou, Nantong, Xuzhou, Zibo, Tonghua, Shanghai, Xiaman, Fuzhou, Yuman, Shangjing, Guofeng, Hanjing, Zunyi, Kiaoshung, Shanzhou, Saja, Chongqing, Jixi, Haiking, Yalu, Xiajing, Zenjing, Baoshan, Huangyan, Guangzhou, Haikou, Jinghong, Lanzhou, Luxi, Mianyang, Nanchang, Nanjing, Qingdao, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Ürümqi, Shijiazhuang, Wuxi, Xiamen, Yantai, Yibin, Yuwi, Zhuhai, Zhengzhou, Zhaotong, Jeju, Geiju, Cangyuan, Qiaoija, Hezhong, Yuexi, Leye, Qinzhou, Xuwen, Chiayi, Yayao, Lu'an, Xiadong, Youdunzi, Lichuan, Pingyang, Rizhao, Dandong, Bexai, Yanji, Haeju, Gyaca, Surabaya, Purwokerto, Pekalongan, Hekou, Lang Son, Nam Dihn, Dong Tau, Ky Son, Khamkeut, Sar Dec, Bo Hu Su, Kon Tum, Tuy Hoa, Xa Vo Dat, Ca Mau, Thazi, Pyu, Yangon, Pyapon, Kampot, Takev, Trat, Saigon, Phum Tani, Prey Vêng, Ta Khmau, Pouthisat, Siem Rèab, Samrong, Sisophon, Poipet, Siem Pang, Chbar, Lomphat, Nan, Loei, Phrae, Den Chai, Lampang, Tak, Lom Sak, Yala, Satun, Phuket, Dawei, Pa-an, Taunggyi, Sittwe, Chittagong, Putao
  • International: Garamond, Palatino, Helevetica, Arial, Aketia, Berkaterinesburg, Yolavia, Adalya, Eaglevasser, Autunova, Kingsee, Brutus, Drymuller, Desmond, Kyongyang, Soccersia, Fornænda, Silent Grove, Peaceful Glade, Keynes FTD, Latagon City, Patagon City, St. Petersburg, Sinclair, Harrisonburg, New Kilow, Petrov City, Mason City, Snowvahalia, Nerveria City, Hexamos, Phanavos, Tagmatica, Nimarci, Miiros Central City, Paco, Ranke, New Delta, Corda, Alaghon, Rex Abysso, New Sparta, Hlondeth, Liberty City, Jinji, Hannar, Volgir, Yankov, Cheelandia, Paradisio, Curia, Ahlen, Geddon City, Rêvane, Askasien, Dar-Abbas, Al-Mansura, Oltaloro, Curon, Bandaloon City, Diamond Bay City, Volodymyr Volnsky, Gran Atlac, Verde City, Thule, Arden, Lycia City, Onett, Saileri, Verdi, Busoni, Starlight City, Angjelz, Vladivastuk, Emyn Arnen, Ponta Delgrada, Lumiar, Anas de Ville, Glacialis, Karnten, Ardián, Kyiv, Augstinople, Valmy, Nuwestad, Marxgrad, New Cardiff, Telemantros, Themis, Dollet, Ijad, Bevan, Tristina, Praia, Wyndhaven, Cidonia, Timoicato, Alexandria, Luxe, Whitlamis, Brisvegas, Birukadia, Chirsteen

[edit] The Dynasty Club and Caldari Bonus

The Dynasty Club is Caldari Airlines’ premier lounge that caters to high-ranking members of the frequent flyer program or those who have paid membership dues. The Club offers the best comfort and luxury before your flight, providing customers with a restful relaxation pre-flight. The Dynasty Club can be found in both major hubs: Xi’an and Serekan. Additional Dynasty Clubs can be found in Garamond, Brutus, Latagon City, Patagon City, Kyongyang, Soccersia, Fornænda and Silent Grove. Membership Dues are ether 500 Taels Per Year or 2500 miles cashed in off your frequent flyer miles.

[edit] Caldari Bonus

Caldari Airlines allows travelers to purchase membership into the program in which as you add up miles, you can gain benefits, special consideration, and the ability to obtain a reservation up to 24 hours before departure. There are 5 levels or tiers of membership within the program and these are: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Gold and Diamond. The specific benefits of each tier will be discussed below.

Ruby: This is the Entry Level. There are few benefits that are obtained upon confirmation of membership. Baggage limits are increased by several kilograms unlike other tiers, which get more allowance. You are required to fly 2 sectors and 5000 miles before being able to upgrade to Sapphire.

Sapphire: Sapphire Level is a step up from Ruby Level. Sapphire members are given a new benefit, which includes the ability to purchase a seat up to 72 hours before departure on standby. You are required to fly 10 sectors and over 20,000 miles before being able to upgrade to Emerald.

Emerald: If Sapphire is allowed more benefits, Emerald is even higher ranking. Emerald members are allowed to purchase a seat onboard a flight up to 48 hours before departure and give them priority on waiting seats for Business or First Class. Baggage allowances are increased, allowing them more baggage per person allowed without penalty. Emerald members are required to have flown 30 sectors and 80,000 miles before being eligible for upgrade into Gold tier.

Gold: Gold members onboard Caldari Airlines are in high regard. It is hard to obtain the requirements but once you do, they start getting some of the most impressive benefits any airline can give you. Gold members are given one-year free access to the Dynasty Club and the allowance to bring one guest in with you. Gold members have a high priority to late booking for flights up to 24 hours before departure. Gold members are also allowed more baggage over the weight limit and have the ability to enter in the airline’s many special promotions and holiday specials. The requirement to reach Diamond status is demanding requiring you to have flown 90 sectors and flown over 500,000 miles. Once these are reached, upgrading is possible.

Diamond: Diamond is the top tier of the Caldari Bonus Frequent Flyer Mileage Program and very few have reached this level. At this level, everything possible is open to you including top priority upgrades into ether Business or First Class onboard flights, special priority check-in, 100kgs extra baggage over the limit, lifetime free access to the Dynasty Club and the ability to bring two guests into the club for free. There is also private access to the Diamond Dragon Club, an excusive club for Diamond members only that is located at Xi’an International Airport.

[edit] The Fleet

Caldari Airlines Fleet
Aircraft Passengers
737-900ER 215 (12/92)
767-400ER 120 (34/210)
747-400 30 (32/49/252)
777-300ER 20 (12/49/197)
787-8 Dreamliner 50 (12/154)
757-200 15 (12/49/197)
A380 25 (22/96/437)
Embraer 190 35 (114F)
Embraer 195 21 (12/110)

[edit] In-Flight

Caldari Airlines has spent 40 million Taels to completely overhaul its in-flight entertainment and dining services which are at the peak of perfection and very few airlines can compare with its wide variety of dining choices to its wide selections of entertainment options. With new advancements, we've also given passengers more legroom and seat pitch to give you even more confort.

[edit] Entertainment

Ever wish you could pause the movie to go to the onboard lav? Now you can watch what you want when you want it, with our new On Demand product. Choose from several movies, series, and specials, as well as network shows. Want more? How about access to over 100 satellite networks, 2,000+ MP3s, 500 stations of XM Radio and dozens of games? Now that's entertainment.

[edit] Dining

Caldari Airlines offers passengers a range of delicious menu choices on board, representing the best of International and Caldari cuisine. Each meal is served with complimentary beverages and menus are reviewed regularly. The inflight meal service also caters to the particular tastes and preferences of passengers from different parts of the world.

On flights to Phuket, hot, spicy green curry may be served, while on flights into Mainland Caldari, there are various regional dishes on offer, such as dim sum, Fokkien fried rice, barbecue pork with fried rice and chicken with Thai sweet chili.

Meals on international flights may be more standard like Herb crusted Lamb Loin in a Garlic and Herb Sauce with Yukon gold potato wedges, and a Green Bean, Leek, & Corn Medley or perhaps even Mushroom Ravioli with Porcini Mushroom Sauce, Arugula, diced tomato, Shiitake mushrooms, and chopped walnuts all topped with grilled Chicken Breast. The choices are endless.

NOTE: Complementry Meal Service is ONLY available to First and Business Class.

[edit] Silk Road: The In-Flight Magazine

Silkroad, the monthly inflight magazine for Caldari Airlines is available on all It presents the changing face of the Caldari State, with a particular focus on the metropolitan cities of Hong Kong, Serekan and the capital, Xi'an - plus other key destinations in the State. In addition to this, the magazine also provides readers with information about the best of the rest of the world, such as the destinations of Garamond, Patagon City and Fornaenda. The fresh and bright magazine design reflects the dynamic nature of the editorial content. The magazine aims to provide readers with a wealth of information and tips about the region in a lively and entertaining manner. All content is run in both English and Caldarnese with the exception of the two main features. It is divided into five sections:

  • Work: Focuses on helping to improve the reader’s working environment and performance - but in a light-hearted way.
  • Rest: Concentrates on rest, relaxation and home comforts such as spas, yoga, stress relief, health and entertaining.
  • Play: Looks at active sports, leisure pursuits – a city guide to short holiday escapes in the region.
  • Caldari Airlines Section: Provides all the latest news and information of Caldari Airlines.
  • Caldari On Air: Presents an overview of the inflight entertainment programmes.

[edit] A Review by WORLD Magazine

Patagon City International Airport has been heavily renovated in recent days and finally has the real look of an international airport. Caldari Airlines choose Patagon City as a hub due to the heavy air traffic over Latagon City. As I walked to the check-in counter, the signs were clearly labeled: one for each class and then special lines for those who were in certain tiers of the Caldari Bonus program. The kiosk staff member was gracious and was very personable. Being a member of the frequent flyer program is an extra bonus because I then don't have to pay the fee for overweight baggage or overbaggage limits. Since Caldari Airlines is one of the very few airlines that operates in and out of the State, security is tight as all baggage is screened and inspected by airport and security officials before being put on the conveyor belt.

With the security checkpoint a breeze, I had time to spare in the well-decorated and furnished Dynasty Club convently across from my gate. The Dynasty Club was well furnished in oriental chairs and tables, well stocked with newspapers and magazines. An advantage of the club is that it has several unique features: a spa, a business center with free Wi-Fi internet, a complementary bar and buffet resturant and those of Diamond status, private rooms to relax before your flight. This was very relaxing and enjoyable.

When I boarded one of their major aircraft, the A380 [one of the five in the fleet], the crew, even the captain greeted me onboard with great charm and personality. Since I am a frequent flyer onboard Caldari Airlines, I purchased a First Class seat (only 15,000 miles one-way) with free miles. Pre-departure beverages were passed out as crewmembers talk to everyone in their the First Class cabin, starting conversations and chatting about their trip. Seats are very generous since they are very confortable with the ability to become a flat bed on long-haul routes, plus the most state-of-the art entertainment system (look further down for detail). While I only flew on First Class for this trip, seat pitches are generous in all classes and legroom has been greatly increased.

After take-off, our stewardesses walked about the cabin giving us all an extensive menu of several entrèes, salads, appitizers, dessets and a well diverse wine list. Since the flight was during lunch, I choose a classic caesar salad which was very good while having the rack of lamb medallions with Yukon potatoes, snap peas in a medley sauce which was simply perfect, washing it down with a very rare red wine and finishing off the entire meal with a flourless chocolate cake. Now that is the finest airline food I have ever had.

After relaxing and digesting that delicious meal, I looked into the in-flight entertainment system. The AVOD [Audio/Visual On Demand] is the most advanced system currently on the market, allowing all passengers [depending on aircraft type] to watch over 100 channels of On Demand TV, listen to over 500 stations of XM radio or over 2000 MP3's from our onboard iPods [iPods ava. only in First and Business Classes]. Caldari Airlines in First and Business Class allow passengers to select from a library of feature films while those in economy are given two choices. Or perhaps read highly interesting magazines including Silk Road, Caldari Airlines' monthly magazine which presents the changing face of the Caldari State and the world around us. Now that is entertainment! Over the next few years, Caldari Airlines plans on having all aircraft on medium and long-range routes to be equipted with AVOD.

Caldari Airlines' personnel are the very best. Any crewmember will answer any question, concern or request with a pleasant smile and charm. I didn't even have to press the call button since they could tell when I wanted assistance. I noticed that when one of the passengers pillows were not fluffed enough, one of them instantly went over to him and immediately fluffed his pillow so he would be more confortable. While on Eagle Airlines I mentioned that they chatted with you, this is the same case here on Caldari Airlines. Overall personnel were very personable and interesting. A note on the bathrooms: there is a major difference between the First/Business Class lavatories and the economy class lavatory: The First Class lavatory (shared with Business Class) is decorated in Oriental paintings and elequent flower arrangements, well stocked with toliet paper and always cleaned to perfection while the economy class bathroom can be discribed in one word: below average. While it is cleaned and supplied, its nothing more than a basic, mediocre lavatory which has a higher tendency to clog and should that happen...let's not go there.

Around 5pm Caldari Standard Time, we arrived in Xi'an, the capital of the Caldari State. However one should know that some of Caldari Airlines flights are delayed for one of three reasons: heavy traffic, bad weather or both, but this rare since the company attempts to get all flights out on time as much as possible. Baggage was on the carousel appoximately 25 minutes after arrival due to the strict security checks before they are put on the belts, just like when they were put on in Patagon City. It should also be noted that there is a very long entry procedure for the Caldari State which the crew will explain appoximately a half hour before landing, please listen carefully since they will mention important details which are required for the landing cards and other immigration forms (complicated to explain). Xi'an's terminal is very modern and clean, well signed with easy access to Downtown Xi'an via ground transportation or the newly constructed Maglev between the airport and Victory Square Station.

Overall, Caldari Airlines is a supreb airline which deserves its revered status and excellent service quality and the professional crew. Caldari Airlines is given 5 stars (98%) for an excellent and memoriable trip which gives me more and more reason to fly with them frequently. Congratulations to Caldari Airlines and its continued prosperity into the next century.

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